Humpback Breaching On A Whale Watching Tour Campbell River

Humpback Whale

The humpback whale is one of our favorite marine mammals! They are so graceful, and often at times curious about the boat. We’ve had some pretty incredible humpback encounters on our Campbell River Whale Watching encounters, and though the orca are usually on most guests’ bucket lists, after a close encounter with a humpback, people leave with a whole new appreciation for these spectacular creatures.

Humpbacks can be identified by the markings on the underside of their tail (fluke). It’s almost like a fingerprint, and no two are the same! Our humpbacks all have names just like you and I! They are photographed and catalogued in a giant database that allows research to track where they go. MERS (Marine Education and Research Society) puts together a catalogue of all of the photographed humpbacks in the area, we love to keep it on the boat and try to identify the whales that we are looking at.

Our Humpbacks typically reside here in Campbell River from May – October, after which they migrate to warmer waters to breed. They have been tracked to Hawaii, Costa Rica, and even Mexico!

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