coastal cleanup

Each Year More Than 14 Billion Pounds Of Trash Is Dumped Into Our OCEANS

Thousands of Sea Birds, Fish, and Mammals die From Plastic Ingestion and Entanglement Each Year

By The Year 2050, Ocean Plastic Will Outweigh All of the Ocean's Fish . . .

COASTAL CLEANUP Is a Cleanup Initiative developed as our way to give back to the beautiful place we call home, and to ensure it’s survival for many generations to come

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is to be better advocates for our ocean! We want to build a local movement that focuses on cleaning up our local beaches. We need to be the change we want to see in the world. We have made it our personal mission to get out there and help, and we hope to inspire others to join us. We will focus not only on local beaches, but offshore and boat-access-only locations where trash or debris may have washed up on shore.

We can't do this alone, we need your help!

We've Collected

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During our Whale Watching and Coastal Adventure Tours, we see so much garbage end up on our beaches and in our ocean. We see the damage it does to the wild life, whether it be a whale tangled in fishing gear, Sea Lion strangled by plastic, or a mama black bear trying to forage amongst the marine debris. We owe it to them, and ourselves to do our part and keep them safe.