Brown’s Bay Resort

Brown’s Bay Resort

Last week was an incredible week for our guests. The humpbacks could be seen from the dock at Brown’s Bay Marina before the tours even began! One of the humpbacks spotted, included Josh’s favorite “KC” which stands for “Kelp Creature.” There’s something magical about identifying the humpbacks and watching them come back year after year, it really gives you a sense of bonding.

Speaking of magical experiences, the Pacific White-Sided Dolphins have been frequenting the area as well! We are very respectful of keeping our distance between us and marine life, but when the dolphins decide they want to play with you, it’s hard to say no! They love chasing the wake of the boat and showing off their acrobatic skills!

And then of course there are the Orca, definitely a fan favorite! Sea Lions and eagles also made appearances throughout the week, and though they aren’t the most requested, they always put a smile on our guests faces!

We’re so fortunate that at most days we can be 5 minutes to 30 minutes away from the whales! Some whale watching operators in other parts of the island will travel hours before seeing anything! on the odd chance the whales don’t feel up for visitors, the scenery and view never disappoints!

Here are just a few shots from last week, Enjoy! 

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