We’ve had an incredible last couple weeks of tours, and some very happy guests!

The humpbacks have been especially friendly and have been making it particularly difficult to keep our 100m distance. Some of our friends from some nearby boats were kind enough to share some footage!

It’s important to note that we are strong believers in Ethical Whale Watching, and these types of encounters are not directly seeked out, nor should they be expected. 

We always do our best to keep a safe distance from the marine life (100m from humpbacks), as to not disturb their natural behaviors. Sometimes the whales make sudden direction changes which can be unexpected. If a whale suddenly appears within that distance, we shut our engines down and wait until they move outside that distance. 

These encounters are unique and completely on the whales terms. We just sit back and enjoy the show!

Humpback Tail On A Whale Watching Tour In Campbell River

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