The Eagle Show at Jimmy Judd

The Eagle Show at Jimmy Judd

The Eagle Show at Jimmy Judd is a spectacular event happens for only a couple of months every year. 

In this particular area, the current is so strong that it creates giant upwellings. The Hake fish get caught in the upwelling and are shot to the surface so quickly that their swim bladder balloons out. This prevents the fish from being able to swim back down, and creates the perfect smorgasbord for hundreds of eagles sitting in the trees. 

These magnificent birds of prey, known for their sharp talons and keen eyesight, swoop down and snatch up the fish with ease, giving onlookers a true spectacle of nature in action. The show provides a unique opportunity to see these incredible creatures up close. The Jimmy Judd Eagle Show is a must-see event for anyone interested in wildlife and nature, offering a rare glimpse into the world of these magnificent birds.

This phenomenon lasts only a couple of hours, after which the eagles return to the trees to digest their meal. Any leftover fish fortunate enough to survive, eventually make their way back down to the bottom and get to live another day!


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