Diving the Chaudiere

Any local diver knows that the winter is the best time to dive in BC! Though the air temperature makes surface intervals a bit chilly, the conditions beneath the surface are well worth it!

Today we took a group of divers from the Vancouver Diving Locker out for a beautiful day of diving in the Sechelt Inlet. 

Our first dive was the HMCS Chaudiere. The Chaudiere was the first of several destroyers sunk by the ARSBC (Artificial Reef Society of BC). This 366ft destroyer was sunk on December 5th, 1992 in 120ft of water. The Chaudiere sits on its side (with the highest point at about 60ft),  as such it can be a bit disorientating.

The ship was teeming with life, huge schools of perch and other small fish circled the top, while giant lincod lay guard on the sand below. The structure of the ship provides hiding places for smaller life, including decorated warbonnets, juvenile rockfish, and grunt sculpins!

For wide angle and macro photographers alike, this dive never disappoints!  The topside scenery isn’t so bad either 😉

Want to experience it for yourself? Contact us to book your next dive outing!


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