Eagle Show Adventure

Come and witness this awe-inspiring spectacle of hundreds bald eagles displaying their incredible hunting skills

Eagle Show Adventure


$179 Adult / $159 Child (3-15yrs)

Get the best seat in the house – The Eagle Show in Campbell River. Picture yourself surrounded by hundreds of majestic bald eagles, the Eagles of Jimmy Judd swoop down to feed on hake fish floating on the surface. With their razor-sharp talons and keen eyesight, these impressive birds of prey display their incredible hunting prowess before your very eyes. The sound of their wings flapping in the wind is like music to your ears, as you marvel at their strength, agility, and grace. Whether you are a nature lover or simply appreciate the beauty of the world around us, this is an experience that you will never forget. Come and witness this awe-inspiring spectacle for yourself, and discover a new appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

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4 Hours

June 1 - June 30

Min Age 3

Max Guests 8

Snacks Included

Bald Eagles during the Eagle Show of Jimmy Judd Campbell River

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Risk Free – 48 Hour Cancellation

$179 Adult / $159 Child (3-15yrs)

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Bald Eagle Catching A Fish, Campbell River. Eagle Show At Jimmy Judd

The Eagle Show

Every spring/early summer, hundreds of eagles come together near Campbell River, to congregate in the trees, patiently waiting for a feast like you've never seen before! This special event takes place during the max flood tide, where the strong tidal currents force Hake fish to the surface so quickly that their swim bladders expand, this leaves floating on the surface, and creates a buffet for the eagles.

the famous eagle show - witness Hundreds of Eagles Feeding in a Breathtaking Display of Nature.

Our 4 Hour Eagle Adventure is geared for photographers/wildlife enthusiasts whose main goal is to witness the spectacular "Eagle Show." We will be spending the majority of the tour sitting, watching the eagles. We guarantee you've never seen anything like it! The ride to the eagles is about 40 mins, during which time there may be opportunity to stop and view other wildlife such as Humpbacks, Orca, Seals, Sea Lions, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Black Bears, and even Grizzly Bears!
Bald Eagle Catching Fish. Eagle Show At Jimmy Judd
Grizzly Bear Standing On A Rock, Spotted During A Wildlife Tour In Campbell River
Jumping Orca On A Whale Watching Tour In Campbell River. Campbell River Whale Watching And Wildlife Tours
Sea Lions On A Coastal Adventure Whale Watching And Wildlife Tour In Campbell River

Your Tour Includes:


Includes Snacks, Hot & Cold Beverages


Spacious, Partially-Covered, Transport Canada Certified Vessel

Knowledgeable Guide

A Fun and Educational Captain to Keep You Informed, Entertained, and Safe on Your Adventure


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Booking Cut-off: Bookings are cut-off 10-18 hours before departure, and 24 hours for private tours. If you’re looking to book a last minute trip, please call us at 250 228 1307

Booking and Cancellation Policy: A 10% deposit is due at the time of booking (unless the trip is within 7 days, in which case the full amount will be charged). The remaining balance will automatically charged 7 days prior to your trip. If you prefer to pay the balance with a different card, please contact us.

All tours have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Late cancellations and no shows will be charged the full price of the trip. Cancellations 48 hours in advance will be provided a full refund. Private Charters and groups of 4 or more are subject to a 72-hour cancellation policy.

We require a minimum of 4 guests for each trip, and reserve the right to cancel tours if we are below our minimum. We also reserve the right to cancel the trip if the captain deems the weather or conditions are unsafe. If the trip is cancelled, guests will have the option to rebook, otherwise a full refund will be provided.

What to Bring

Where to Meet

You can enter Brown’s Bay Marina or Resort into your GPS (15021 Brown’s Bay Road, Campbell River). Once you arrive to the resort, head straight down the marina boardwalk, after you go through the float house (bathrooms are also located here) you will find our boat on right hand side of the dock. 

Please be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure, we want to maximize our water time!

Bald Eagle during a Whale and Wildlife Tour in Campbell River, The Eagle Show Campbell River
Eagle Show at Jimmy Judd, Discovery Passage, Eagle Adventure, Eagles Canada
Bald Eagle catching a fish, Campbell River. Eagle Show at Jimmy Judd
Discovery West Adventures, Whale Watching Campbell River, BC, Brown's Bay Resort, Bald Eagle, Eagles of Jimmy Judd at the Eagle Show
Bald Eagles
Bald Eagle catching a fish, Campbell River. Eagle Show at Jimmy Judd

What Our Guests Love About Us


Our Campbell River Whale Watching Tours are unlike no other! The beauty of mother nature is that you never know what she has in store for you! We’ve had tours where we’ve spent the entire trip watching humpbacks launch themselves out of the water, or had pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins play in our wake. Orca often make appearances as well :)

We focus not just on whales, but on all of the beautiful wildlife and scenery our coast has to offer. We often have guests join us, who have been whale watching and wildlife tours in other parts of the world, and have said hands down, this was the best!

Check out what kind of local wildlife you might encounter here 

We are fortunate enough to have whales year round, but certain times of the year are better for certain species.

We see Orca year round, but they seem to be more regular in the spring/late summer. Orca are always on the move and can disappear for days, which makes them a bit more unpredictable.

We have a huge population of Humpbacks that come here to feed every summer. They start to arrive in May, but we see the highest population mid-June through to early September.

It depends what you really want to see, and how much time you’d like to spend on the water. We have wildlife and beautiful scenery on all of our tours, but our most popular tours are our 6 Hour Whale Watching Tour and our 4 Hour Coastal Adventure During our 6 Hour Whale Watching Adventure, we have the opportunity to travel a bit further and spend more time with the whales. We also take a nice break for a homemade lunch, where guests will have a chance to get off the boat and stretch their legs, and use the bathroom if necessary. If you’re looking for something a bit shorter, the 4 Hour Coastal Adventure, is essentially is just a shorter version of the above, lunch is not included in this one. We often see whales during our 4 hour tours, but we are a bit more limited with the time spent with them. If you have young kids, we suggest doing the 4 Hour Coastal Adventure, or 3 Hour Sunset or even our
  • A warm jacket or sweater to wear while the boat is underway
  • Weather appropriate footwear & clothing
  • Camera
  • Hat & Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Please keep in mind we are on a boat and things might get wet!
  • Your Sense Of Adventure!

No two tours are the same! At the beginning of the tour, we always ask what our guests would like to see! Depending on what has been spotted already, weather conditions and general vibe of the group, we will make a game plan of where to go.

Typically our longer trips will involve going into Desolation Sound, or further north (depending on weather). Our shorter trips will explore around Quadra Island and Discovery Passage.

Your journey takes place on our 30′ custom built aluminum vessel.  The boat features bench style seating down each side of the boat, along with two rows of forward facing seats at the front (the forward facing seats are under cover and protected from rain and sun). While underway, all guests must remain seated but when we are stopped, there is ample deck space for guests to get up and move around/take pictures.

We do not have a washroom on board, so we encourage our guests to use the washroom at the marina before departing. For our longer tours, we will make a land based stop for lunch where guests can use the washroom facilities. Rest assured, that in an emergency, we will always find a way to accommodate you!

Though sometimes we encounter rougher water heading out/coming in, most of our routes are fairly well protected and quite calm! 

If you know you are prone to seasickness, we recommend taking some anti-nausea medication as a precaution before we leave the dock.

For the enjoyment of everyone on the trip, the minimum age for our trips is 3 years old. Please keep in mind that kids need to be able to keep their life jackets on at all times while on the boat. If you are doing a private tour, we have no minimum age limit. 

We do not have a bathroom on board the boat. However we do make a stop halfway through our longer trips for a land-based lunch and bathroom break. We are usually relatively close to a bathroom so if it’s an emergency we will find one for you! There is also a bathroom at the dock, so we recommend everyone going before boarding the boat.

We understand things happen and we try to be as flexible as possible. All tours have a 48-hour cancellation policy, and a full refund will be provided. Groups of 4 or more are subject to a 72-hour cancellation policy. Unfortunately late cancellations, or no-shows will not be refunded.

We require a minimum of 4 guests for each trip, and reserve the right to cancel tours if we are below our minimum. We also reserve the right to cancel the trip if the captain deems the weather or conditions are unsafe. A full refund will be provided to all guests if a trip is cancelled.

There are plenty of ways to have fun during our tours! But we have a zero-tolerance alcohol and substance policy. This means no smoking of any kind, alcohol or drugs while on board. We take the safety of our guests extremely seriously and anyone found violating this policy will be returned to the dock, and refunds will not be given. 

We Practice Ethical Whale Watching

For the safety of our guests and the marine life, we practice ethical whale watching. This means we follow all of the guidelines and minimum distance regulations put in place by Transport Canada.